My Mad Binge Watch Of….

Yes, Jane The Virgin has become my latest addiction, and I am well aware that I am extremely late to the party. I can’t even begin to tell you why I was not watching this show as there is no proper excuse for it. It’s not like I wasnt curious since the idea behind the show intrigued me. I just wasn’t sure the show could hold my interest enough to ensure I could invest in it.

It turns out that the show could do just that because it seemed to be different from other shows out there. It was fun, quirky, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is what it is.  I have never seen a telenovela in my life, quite simply because I can’t speak the language, and it is just another soap opera, after all.

When Jane ended up accidentally pregnant, I knew hilarity would ensue. I thought it was fate when it turned out that the man, whose sperm she was artificially inseminated with, was someone she had shared an awesome first kiss with.  Now, being the person that I am, would have taken that as a sign, and a huge one, at that.

At first I felt bad for Michael, Jane’s fiance, but that quickly turned into mistrust. He is a cop, and cops should uphold the law. They don’t twist or bend it to suit their own selfish needs.  I am not saying Michael is a class A jerk but he leaves a lot to be desired.

He knew Petra could have been involved in a murder, (for all he knew she was the murderer) but he still withheld evidence. This was all because he didn’t want Jane to become closer to Rafael. If he was a man that felt secure in his relationship to begin with, he would not have went to the extremes that he did.

I like strong female characters, who know their heart and their mind, and who fight hard (in a honest way) for what they want and need out of life. I love Jane because she has all of those qualities in a character, although she does have some flaws, but who doesn’t? She is still a very strong woman. She gets that from the women/role models in her life, despite that they are flawed as well. I love the relationship Jane has with her mother and her Abuela.

Jane has dealt with a lot in such a short time, finding out she’s pregnant when she’s a virgin, learning the father is a man she first crushed on, having to tell her fiance, and then learning that her father is not an Army man. He is a very famous international telenovela star. I should really find Rogelio annoying, with his overblown ego, but I can only laugh at his antics.

I have this love/hate thing going on with Petra, but most of the time it is a very strong dislike. As I said, I love really strong female characters, and Petra falls very short of that. There have only been a few times when I have felt good about her character. I understand she has had a rough way to go in life, and she has been mistreated in lots of ways, but lies and manipulation will only get you so far in life.

She hasn’t had to really work hard at anything she currently has in her life right now. Her crazy ex-lover bought part of the hotel for her, and she has money from Rafael from the divorce. All the same, I admired her determination and desire to get what she wants out of life, as long as she came by it honestly. She is smart and business saavy and can compete in what some consider, a man’s world.  I was really disappointed when she decided to steal Rafael’s sperm and inseminate herself to make sure she stays in his life.

I know Rafael is not perfect, that he has his flaws and he manipulates with the best of them, but he doesn’t deserve this from Petra, or from anyone.  I think for Petra to do this to him is a low blow on her part, and it makes her a weak character in my book, having to stoop to such lows. I feel I can’t ever buy her as a strong character again, or even admire her in the slightest.

Speaking of Rafael, I find myself liking him more and more. It was what I definitely call, a slow burn. As I said before, I believe Rafael and Jane were fated to be together, and therefore I am rooting for them. I truly hope she picks him but that they take time to get to know each other the way they are now, before jumping into bed and marriage.

Now, for the ONE thing I cannot stand in ANY television show, and that is, SHIPPER wars. I am not a fan of HASHTAG Team/insert character or cute shipper name here. As a matter of fact, I strongly detest shipping as part of a love triangle. I believe it is an old, outdated tool used to keep viewers invested.

Love triangles could and should be a thing of the past. There are plenty of things that could keep a couple apart from each other. I wish show runners would not always fall back on this overused cliche to keep up the drama and suspense. They are talented enough to come up with something else.

However, since  the HASHTAG Team/insert character or cute shipper name here has already been set in motion on Jane The Virgin, I can do nothing to stop it. For the record, I only like the TEAM stuff when it does not involve a love triangle, or  a quad in this case.  I am all about my ships, and the whole will they or won’t they, but I detest ‘shipping’ wars.

I have hopped aboard many shipper trains, from Captain Swan, to Snowing, Team Fraser, and many more. I am firmly on board the #TeamRafael train, but not as part of a love triangle or a shipping war. I am not placing bets on my ship, but I will go down with it.  I just hope the writer’s will NOT let it become a constant juggling between the two very different men, because I might just have to jump off the ‘Jane The Virgin’ train. I think that would be a low down dirty shame as I am liking the ride so far.

If not for the ‘Petra stealing sperm and using a turkey baster to impregnate herself’ and the whole ‘which man do I want to be with’ thing I would give the show a 10, hands down.  For those reasons, I give it an 8. I can handle the love triangle a tad bit better than the ‘I stole your sperm’ bit!

My opinion is my own and will not waiver, but I do like hearing the opinions of others.

Do you like love triangles in any TV show or do you think they are overused?  Are you enjoying this second season? Sound off below!

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After You: An ARC Review

Jojo Moyes did not plan on writing a sequel to her popular best selling book, Me Before You. The book chronicled the relationship between Lou, a caregiver, and Will Traynor, a quadriplegic, who had already planned on dying in six months. Me Before You, took on the controversial topic of assisted suicide. I remember crying like a baby for all involved, when Will stuck with his decision to end his life.


While I did wonder what became of those Will left behind, the people who loved him the most, I didn’t need a sequel. I didn’t believe it was really a necessity. When I found out that Jojo Moyes was writing a sequel, I was not sure I wanted to read it. I am a caregiver myself, taking care of my mother, and I can’t (or don’t want to) think about the ‘after’.

I never thought about assisted suicide before, but it hurts to see someone in pain all the time, and watching them look at others with envy, because they are doing things they only wish they could do.  I was thankful that my mother was still able to walk, albeit with a walker, but still walking nevertheless.

However, you do have to think about the ‘After’ part and how one’s death effects everyone in their life. Life has to go on after a loved one dies, and it’s hard no matter how it comes about.  I think a natural death is an easier pill to swallow.  I found I really wanted to read After You, to find out how Will’s planned death effected those who loved him.

After You picks up 18 months after the events of Me Before You left off.  Everyone handles grief in their own way and this fact was very evident in the sequel. The book is told from Lou’s point of view, who is still grieving over the loss of the man she loved. She is also dealing with the guilt of having helped him end his own life.

She is not really living up to Will’s request that she ‘live life well’ because of the guilt and grief she still feels. She works in an airport lounge/bar and drinks heavily. She traveled but didn’t really enjoy where she went or what she did. She was walking and talking, but not really living. When Lou accidentally fell off the roof, and couldn’t feel her legs at first, I was horrified to think that she could now be paralyzed.

While I loved the idea of a sequel, this book fell a bit short in some areas. I didn’t really care for the character of Lilly and I wanted to love her, because she was Will’s daughter but she made that very hard. It was hard for me to believe that the Will we came to know would be such a jerk before the accident. Granted, we didn’t know much about him before he became a quadriplegic.

Lilly was my main area of disappointment, along with her mother as I felt nothing really genuine from either character. She didn’t seem to be grateful for anything.  Lilly just came off as a spoiled brat and nothing was good enough for her. Lou being who she is, put someone else ahead of her own needs. I would have loved to see more of her relationship with Sam develop. There is so much more that could have happened there, falling in love again would have been good for Lou.

While I loved the book and would recommend it to fans of Will and Lou, I wish that there wasn’t so much going on at once. I felt that too much time was spent on Lilly rather than Lou herself. I know the purpose of Lilly was to help Lou heal but I myself didn’t get that impression.

I was fine with where Me Before You ended and didn’t feel the need for closure. Lou and the Traynor’s, while devastated and heartbroken, accepted Will’s decision and agreed to his choice to end his life in a dignified manner and to not be a burden. Isn’t that what we all want for our loved ones?  It was still nice to revisit the characters, to see how they are fairing but I was hoping for something a bit different.

With that being said, I still give the book four stars because JoJo Moyes listened to the majority of her fans and let them back in Lou’s little corner of the world. I just think it would have been much better if Moyes had originally planned a sequel in the first place. However, that us just my opinion. What did you think of After You? 

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The Veil Blog Tour, Interview and Giveaway

I am very excited to be a part of the Blog Tour for Chloe Neill’s new book entitled’The Veil’! It is book one in her new series entiled ‘The Devil’s Isle’. I have read this book a total of three times since receiving the ARC!

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ARC Review: The Veil By Chloe Neill


As a huge fan of Chloe Neill, I was very excited to learn that she was writing a new series.The premise behind the new series sounded very promising and I was intrigued. I love the world she created in the CLV so much that I figured she can’t go wrong with this brand new series! She has never let me down before so surely she wouldn’t start now! I was so excited when I received the ARC that I started reading it that very night.

Was my loyalty or confidence misplaced? Did I have that same loyalty and confidence after I finished reading? Did I love the first book in Ms.Neill’s new Devils Isle Series? Join me after the jump and I will tell you all my (spoiler free) thoughts!

Chloe Neill is a master weaver at world building and this is evident with every detail she wrote in The Veil. The book is set in New Orleans but not the NOLA we have come to know through personal experience or via the world wide web. The way New Orleans was described in this book reminded of the devastation that Hurricane Katrina brought to the region.

I love when an author writes a book that is mirrored in some reality and this was done perfectly. I was glad that the time was taken to vividly describe the new war torn city that it’s citizen’s have adjusted to, the city they still love and take pride in.

The characters draw a reader in fast, even if it seems the pace at the beginning is slow, that’s just more of that world building coming into play. Soon, that world and the fantastic characters collide into something fantastic and you are hooked.

Claire is a very smart,strong,beautiful character who the reader can relate to on so many levels. She has vulnerabilities and a fear of the unknown that only make her stronger, and her loyalty knows no bounds.

Liam is a sexy bounty hunter who quickly becomes Claire’s savior,in keeping her from becoming a permanent part of another section of the world that she has only heard horror stories of, Devil’s Isle. He is super confident in his ability to get things done, no matter how tough the situation. There is a major difference between being cocky and being arrogant. Liam is the right kind of cocky,and not of the I-want-to-slap-that-arrogance-right-out-of-a-person-variety.

There was something else I felt that the author got right, and that is the lesson of never judging a book by it’s cover,for in both the real and fictional world’s, things are never quite what they seem.

Cross through The Veil on August 4th to meet Claire, Liam and some truly wonderful supporting characters that will leave you wanting more at the end of this all new series. My tweet to Chloe after having finished the book read ‘100% done and 100% hooked’! I think you will be as well.

The blog tour for The Veil continues Monday and I am one of the lucky bloggers that got a spot on that tour so check back here on Monday for more of The Veil goodness!

My rating: 5 well earned stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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The Magical World Of Ink and Bone


I was browsing through my Twitter timeline and saw a tweet regarding this book on my timeline and one word caught my eye, Alchemy. That is, if I am remembering it right. I know what I did next though, I immediately sent a tweet to the author. The tweet stated that I was tempted to ask for an ARC. Ms.Rachel Caine tweeted back stating that she thought they still had a few and to give my mailing information at her website. In my experience, receiving an ARC had never been that easy!

I figured it was my lucky day.  There is a normal procedure one has to go through in order to receive an ARC. As it turns out, it was not that easy as her assistant emailed me with a response that all review copies were sent out. I was okay with this as I knew this was not the normal procedure. I still had to read it as I was too intrigued not to and I got the book on release day.

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The Bourbon Kings

One day last week, I found myself perusing NetGalley after rating an ARC I had received a few weeks prior. I was searching by publisher because I figured it would be the easiest way to find something to catch my interest. A number of things catch my eye when it comes to books and NetGalley has my favorite of them all, in spades. I am, of course, talking about the cover of a book. So what cover caught my eye and made me take notice? Stick with me, my friends and I will tell you. Continue reading

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Preorder Midnight Marked

Chloe Neill announced today that you can now preorder Midnight Marked, the 12th book in her beloved Chicagoland Vampire Series! How about that cover huh?

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The Pile That Keeps Growing…..


…and growing and growing and well you get the picture! My TBR pile just keeps getting more books added to it. I only have myself to blame. I have always loved to read and I remember driving my Mom nuts! I would come home from school with this book ordering form and she would say ‘Oh, you have to limit yourself, you cannot have every book on that form, you can have two only every time you bring one home’. She would also tell me I had to read them at least twice before ordering more. She said you always get more out of the second read.

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Love Chloe Neill…..

….and her books?? Do you want a chance to get your hands on her brand new series ‘Devil’s Isle’ with the first book entitled “The Veil’? I know you do!!

Veil Continue reading

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Nothing Ugly About Ugly Love

Do you want to know the best thing about being in the blogging business? That would be getting book recs from your friends and other bloggers! A few days ago, in our own little secret place on Facebook a rec was given by some great friends.

Actually, the idea for getting this particular book came from an article that appeared on a friends newsfeed. The article was shared in our little group. We read it (I only skimmed it) and just like the book lovers that we are, we were intrigued.

I believe my words were ‘Color me intrigued’! We got the book on Thursday and I was finished reading it by Friday night. So I am here now, and ready to give my thoughts on it. I know this book has been out a while but a book can never have too many reviews!!
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