Gilmore Girls: Where You Lead I Will Follow


I don’t know about anyone else, but I am dying to hear that theme song again when the Gilmore Girls revival hits Netflix in November. I am excited to see what images will be used to accompany that theme song, if in fact we get the same theme song. Our Gilmore Girls are older, and that could mean a whole new theme song. It could be as Lauren Graham stated “I always assumed that it was ‘You’ve Got a Friend:’ Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall,” (Source) also sung by Carole King. I would not mind hearing that song for the revival, or a stripped down version of “If You Lead”

I plan on watching all four episodes at once as soon as it see that it is available. Thanksgiving is the day before, and I don’t plan on cooking a bunch of food that entails a ton of clean up. I will treat the revival as I do my favorite book series that are downloaded to my Kindle at midnight! Hopefully, that means I will be pulling an all nighter!

I do not want to be spoiled about any of it, so I will avoid all my social media platforms until I have watched every single episode of the Gilmore Girls goodness! I will be tucked into my favorite pajamas, and will have my Kindle charged so that I can watch Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall back to back to back to back.


I have pretended that season 7 never really happened, because you could tell there was a major difference in the feel of the episodes. I prefer to think of it as an alternate universe, in which my favorite characters were not quite themselves. I don’t think I am alone in feeling that Lorelai and Rory were a bit out of character.

The writers of the seventh season did try to replicate the caliber of writing that Team Palladino produced for 6 years, but they never quite made it to that level of awesomeness. I don’t blame Amy for not wanting to watch the final season, as it was not up to her standards. The show just ended all wrong for me, and on so many levels.


I loved the character of Christopher, and I would not have minded if Lorelai and Christopher had been the end game. I also loved Luke and would have been happy if they were the end game as well, but we were left with a “did they or didn’t they”? Season seven was just so wrong, and the marriage of Chris and Lorelai was done for all the wrong reasons.

I can’t speak for Amy and Dan really, but I can’t see those two writing a marriage between them in that manner. Lorelai has always been impulsive, and sleeping with Christopher after Luke broke her heart was no surprise, but marrying him was. It felt like she didn’t have any character growth, it felt like something a younger Lorelai would have done. The whole situation was not fair to Chris, Lorelai, or Luke, and I felt that it was all a hot mess. Of course, that is only my opinion.

I hated that all we got a Luke Lorelai kiss in the finale, and were left to imagine that they got married, and maybe had a child or two! Or maybe they just lived happily ever after with no children! I know this show is more about the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, and their journey through life, but their relationships are a central part of that journey. It just could have been handled much better.


If I thought the situation above was a hot mess, then Logan and Rory were a volcano that erupted, and burned all the previous moments away. I am not saying there were not any good moments between them in season seven, but it was so off to me. While the rocket ship was a sweet sentiment, it did not really feel like Logan’s style at all. I think it would have felt like his style if viewers had been privy to the episode of The Twilight Zone they had watched together.

I know we were supposed to be just as clueless as Rory, but you would think she would remember such a sweet comment that Logan made to her. She sure recalled every other moment they had, good or bad. Then when she received the rocket ship from him, she would have instantly known what it meant. As a result of her not remembering what it symbolized, the whole gesture fell flat, and was not romantic at all. If the audience had been privy to that moment, we would have collectively shed a tear with Rory.

I loved that Logan wanted to marry Rory, but the proposal felt rushed to me. I felt that Logan would not have proposed at that moment in time, he would have waited until they were both in a better place. He wasn’t under his dad’s thumb anymore, he was working on his own goals, and would have wanted Rory to do the same thing. There was no law that said they had to get married right out of college. It was not something I expected to see happen until later in their lives and careers.

He knew her, and what she wanted to do with her life, and they would have worked something out. Logan and Rory’s three-year relationship ended so fast, and it felt like unfinished business. It was their first real serious adult relationship, and it did not get a fair resolution at all. I feel as if it is the only relationship of Rory’s that didn’t have any closure, it just ended. Those kinds of feelings just don’t go away without a resolution, or a happy ending.

I absolutely hated that it was an all or nothing proposal. I would love to see a proposal from Logan in the revival, and one that is fitting of their relationship, and who they are now. Of course, it would not be Logan and Rory if it did not have some semblance of their college days. Life and Death Brigade style proposal anyone….minus the base jumping?!

I know what I want most out of the revival (besides what I already mentioned) and one of them is to hear those four little words. The other is for me to get the same feels the first six seasons gave me, and what was lacking in the final season we were given. I am looking forward to watching the REAL FINAL SEASON as told by the original creators! I will follow where you lead!

What do you want to see happen in Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life? Sound off in the comments section below! I am obviously #TeamLogan so you just might see another post regarding my favorite Logan and Rory moments!


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