My Mad Binge Watch Of….

Yes, Jane The Virgin has become my latest addiction, and I am well aware that I am extremely late to the party. I can’t even begin to tell you why I was not watching this show as there is no proper excuse for it. It’s not like I wasnt curious since the idea behind the show intrigued me. I just wasn’t sure the show could hold my interest enough to ensure I could invest in it.

It turns out that the show could do just that because it seemed to be different from other shows out there. It was fun, quirky, and doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is what it is.  I have never seen a telenovela in my life, quite simply because I can’t speak the language, and it is just another soap opera, after all.

When Jane ended up accidentally pregnant, I knew hilarity would ensue. I thought it was fate when it turned out that the man, whose sperm she was artificially inseminated with, was someone she had shared an awesome first kiss with.  Now, being the person that I am, would have taken that as a sign, and a huge one, at that.

At first I felt bad for Michael, Jane’s fiance, but that quickly turned into mistrust. He is a cop, and cops should uphold the law. They don’t twist or bend it to suit their own selfish needs.  I am not saying Michael is a class A jerk but he leaves a lot to be desired.

He knew Petra could have been involved in a murder, (for all he knew she was the murderer) but he still withheld evidence. This was all because he didn’t want Jane to become closer to Rafael. If he was a man that felt secure in his relationship to begin with, he would not have went to the extremes that he did.

I like strong female characters, who know their heart and their mind, and who fight hard (in a honest way) for what they want and need out of life. I love Jane because she has all of those qualities in a character, although she does have some flaws, but who doesn’t? She is still a very strong woman. She gets that from the women/role models in her life, despite that they are flawed as well. I love the relationship Jane has with her mother and her Abuela.

Jane has dealt with a lot in such a short time, finding out she’s pregnant when she’s a virgin, learning the father is a man she first crushed on, having to tell her fiance, and then learning that her father is not an Army man. He is a very famous international telenovela star. I should really find Rogelio annoying, with his overblown ego, but I can only laugh at his antics.

I have this love/hate thing going on with Petra, but most of the time it is a very strong dislike. As I said, I love really strong female characters, and Petra falls very short of that. There have only been a few times when I have felt good about her character. I understand she has had a rough way to go in life, and she has been mistreated in lots of ways, but lies and manipulation will only get you so far in life.

She hasn’t had to really work hard at anything she currently has in her life right now. Her crazy ex-lover bought part of the hotel for her, and she has money from Rafael from the divorce. All the same, I admired her determination and desire to get what she wants out of life, as long as she came by it honestly. She is smart and business saavy and can compete in what some consider, a man’s world.  I was really disappointed when she decided to steal Rafael’s sperm and inseminate herself to make sure she stays in his life.

I know Rafael is not perfect, that he has his flaws and he manipulates with the best of them, but he doesn’t deserve this from Petra, or from anyone.  I think for Petra to do this to him is a low blow on her part, and it makes her a weak character in my book, having to stoop to such lows. I feel I can’t ever buy her as a strong character again, or even admire her in the slightest.

Speaking of Rafael, I find myself liking him more and more. It was what I definitely call, a slow burn. As I said before, I believe Rafael and Jane were fated to be together, and therefore I am rooting for them. I truly hope she picks him but that they take time to get to know each other the way they are now, before jumping into bed and marriage.

Now, for the ONE thing I cannot stand in ANY television show, and that is, SHIPPER wars. I am not a fan of HASHTAG Team/insert character or cute shipper name here. As a matter of fact, I strongly detest shipping as part of a love triangle. I believe it is an old, outdated tool used to keep viewers invested.

Love triangles could and should be a thing of the past. There are plenty of things that could keep a couple apart from each other. I wish show runners would not always fall back on this overused cliche to keep up the drama and suspense. They are talented enough to come up with something else.

However, since  the HASHTAG Team/insert character or cute shipper name here has already been set in motion on Jane The Virgin, I can do nothing to stop it. For the record, I only like the TEAM stuff when it does not involve a love triangle, or  a quad in this case.  I am all about my ships, and the whole will they or won’t they, but I detest ‘shipping’ wars.

I have hopped aboard many shipper trains, from Captain Swan, to Snowing, Team Fraser, and many more. I am firmly on board the #TeamRafael train, but not as part of a love triangle or a shipping war. I am not placing bets on my ship, but I will go down with it.  I just hope the writer’s will NOT let it become a constant juggling between the two very different men, because I might just have to jump off the ‘Jane The Virgin’ train. I think that would be a low down dirty shame as I am liking the ride so far.

If not for the ‘Petra stealing sperm and using a turkey baster to impregnate herself’ and the whole ‘which man do I want to be with’ thing I would give the show a 10, hands down.  For those reasons, I give it an 8. I can handle the love triangle a tad bit better than the ‘I stole your sperm’ bit!

My opinion is my own and will not waiver, but I do like hearing the opinions of others.

Do you like love triangles in any TV show or do you think they are overused?  Are you enjoying this second season? Sound off below!


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