Dark Debt By Chloe Neill: An ARC Review

I have a confession to make and it’s not something I can easily confess to! I have been selfish, so very, very selfish. I read Dark Debt weeks and and weeks ago (so it seems now) and I am just now sharing my thoughts with you all on it. I could have done so a few days ago after the official release day but I told myself, ‘No, wait a few days, until others have read it’ so as not to spoil them too much. Because that is what I would have done had I started this post on release day as I planned, or the next day even and the next! I am sure most have read it so here goes!


I found that when I sat down to write my review on Dark Debt(which I did many times), I realized I did not want to and that is why I was being selfish. I wanted to keep all my thoughts and feelings about this book to myself as long as I could. That’s how awesome this book was to me, I just wanted to savor the awesome sauce that is Dark Debt for a little while longer. I knew what I wanted to say and what adjectives I would use to describe the book but I could not get them out. This is probably the worst excuse known to man huh? It was so damn good that I couldn’t tell you about it! I still won’t get overboard on too many details  just in case someone has not read the book yet,  and in two days and twice, or even three times by now!

Dark Debt is now my favorite book in the CLV series (if that is possible)which is a testament to the author, Ms. Chloe Neill, she has managed to keep her dedicated fans entertained by sticking to what works. What works in this series is everything she writes and she knows her story and characters well. The series just keeps getting better and better and this was number 11! One would not be disappointed if they just start reading this series now. I know I wasn’t when I started a year ago!


Blood Games left us with a stunning cliffhanger in the form of a mysterious note left by someone Ethan thought was long gone! Once again, we find Ethan and Merit attempting to enjoy some down time before all hell breaks loose. They are enjoying a midnight picnic with Mallory and Catcher when they are summoned back home to face the press and a person Ethan thought he would never see again.


It’s Ethan’s so called maker Balthasar, coming to call on Ethan for a reunion and you just know it’s not going to be pretty! As usual with any CLV book I read, I am already engaged in the plot and action and I am not coming up from air any time soon! When Ethan punched his maker in the face, I did as well. The way these books are written, you feel as if you are friends with every one of these characters and can anticipate their every move. There are times you get surprised in this series though and I actually gasped a couple times during certain parts of the book.

Balthasar, as I expected, manages to stir up trouble for the vampires of Cadogan House and spell trouble for Merit especially. I am used to Merit not being terribly afraid of anything and to see her so shaken up by the fact that she is no longer immune to the power of glamour was frightening! I felt just as violated as Merit did and just as completely helpless to stop it as Ethan was. The way this family of vampires takes care of each other and look out for their own is touching.

We get more insight into Ethan’s past and we get the usual humor, drama, and action that the CLV always delivers on! We get to see once again how deeply committed Ethan and Merit are to one another and how Cadogan House is a true family, compared to other houses!

I found myself liking Morgan again and it reminded me of the first time we met him, before he took on being Master of his house! I actually felt bad for him in this book. Merit’s father just might have found a way into my heart when he actually seemed to care about his daughter’s well being, time will tell if it is short-lived or not.

As usual, in the world of the CLV, the truth comes out about one baddie while another is introduced and all of it is done in a very unique way that leaves you wanting more and CLV 12 like now!

While I could use every adjective in the dictionary to describe every bit of this book, I won’t because then I won’t stop and I will end up telling you about the whole book. I cannot deprive a reader of the awesome sauce that is Dark Debt but I will just say it is EXCELLENT, SUPERB, MARVELOUS, ENCHANTING, AWESOME….okay I will stop now.

I will be wondering just what is in the complete set of ‘The Momento Mori’s’ ledgers and will ponder that with a few Saucy Wenches I know but for now (to quote Ethan)




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