Let the (ALPHA) Games Begin…..

....and may the best Male or Female win! Yes, female characters can be just as much an Alpha as the male species! It is that time of the year again bookies, where readers and bloggers alike nominate for their favorite book characters to be the top dog....errrr....wolf....vampire....fairy....unknown creature(s) of some sort (yeah I am looking … Continue reading Let the (ALPHA) Games Begin…..


Dark Debt By Chloe Neill: An ARC Review

I have a confession to make and it's not something I can easily confess to! I have been selfish, so very, very selfish. I read Dark Debt weeks and and weeks ago (so it seems now) and I am just now sharing my thoughts with you all on it. I could have done so a … Continue reading Dark Debt By Chloe Neill: An ARC Review