The One Where We All Got Played

The season 6 finale of True Blood played out more like a SERIES finale but with a really crappy ending. I don’t know what we all watched last night except to say that it was the WEIRDEST (not to mention stupid)thing I have ever watched IN MY LIFE!

F.U.B.A.R is what that episode was and afterwards there is no going back. I don’t even know where to begin or end so I guess I will just speak my mind!

The season started out pretty promising, we had a real threat to the vampires in Truman Burrell and Sarah Newlin with their vamp camp that was basically an internment camp like from the days of Hitler’s reign,(in hindsight this is probably when I should have cut and ran) a promising story where Bill was an evil mad vampire, a very intriguing tale of Warlow/Ben, Sookie a little quicker on the draw where her life is concerned and a lovable bad ass Viking named Eric Northman. Sounds good right?

Well, guess what? All that (could have been) goodness sank like the Titanic and nothing can ever bring it back!



We met him and yeah so what? He was not a very smart fairy considering he did and could not suss out who Ben was from the jump. Sookie, who has been pretty lame in the ‘I’ve got skills’ department sussed him out faster than her Grandpappy. What a waste of a great actor that they could have done so much more with. You will notice that will be a trend in this post today. True Blood writers should write a book called ‘How NOT to utilize a great actor and still make it look good'(or so they think) but chances are they would not get that right either!


So Bill gets visions of the fate of his fellow vampires from Lilith (the creepy bloody MERKIN chick who comes with her own set of bloody Merkin triplets) telling him that he has to finish her work of saving vampire kind. He does all he can so vampires do not burn in the WHITE ROOM (a place he never really tries to locate) which included kidnapping Andy’s fairy daughters she he can use their blood to synthesize in order to save vampire kind. Needless to say, their blood does not work because GIRL they are only half-fae don’t ya know? HUMMMPPH! Jessica finally can’t take the allure of the fae and drains all but three and she never even got to daywalk from it! Poor B C AND D!

Bill as per Lilith feels Ben’s pain from Sookie’s blast of light, orders him around all ‘As your maker I command you’ shit and steals his blood for Takahashi to synthesize. Here is where everything goes wonky. Bill needs Ben to save vampire kind but Sookie won’t hand him over but she won’t do it because well she boinked him. She knows what it feels like to be used. She asks Ben to help by giving his blood and she will become his bride for eternity. Why doesn’t Bill go ‘As you maker I command you to come with me to vamp camp’ when Sookie too him to the other plane?

This deal did not even have to be made anyway as Bill already had Ben’s blood that he had already drank from and therefore was able to go feed the vampires in the white room! All he had to do was what Eric did, walk in there, fuck shit up and let the vamps out of the white room. Problem solved! I thought Bill was the smartest boy in the class.

I hated hearing how Bill was the hero when it was not the case. I hated hearing Tara say “Bill gave us his magical blood and I really cannot hate him anymore”. EXCUSE ME! BACK UP A MINUTE TRUE BLOOD WRITERS, without the MAGICAL blood of Ben, Bill would not have been able to do that for his blood is not magical. In the end, he is just Bill, he has never been special nor will he ever be special. This is one of the reason why this show SUCKS because the writers insist on making more out of him than he is!


What a waste of yet another great actor in Rob Kazinsky whose character spent the better part of a season tied to a gravestone. Rob is super talented and has some mad acting skills and they simply did not utilize those skills. I loved how it was obvious he never wanted to be a vampire, especially given the reason he was turned and who he was before. I would have loved if the writers had handled his character differently for the potential was there for him to be a truly great character. Poor Rob had no idea what he was getting into when he signed into this crazy fandom.

My ideal story for him would have been that he was not a bad hybrid, he only wanted some peace between his two halves and if they had played their cards right, Sookie could have given him that peace in some way shape or form. I would have also loved to have seen just how powerful he was as a hybrid, instead of being bossed around by his maker, the bloody Merkin herself aka Bill. A final showdown between maker and progeny with maybe his dying in the process of killing his maker (again) or living to find the peace he always wanted. Those two scenarios for me would have been better than what we got.

We end up with a crazy ass, violent hybrid who ends up meeting the business end of a stake and all potential was lost, regardless of the fact that Bill can survive a staking because he has had Lilith’s blood but Ben who is her progeny, cannot! I don’t hate you Ben because if it was not for your magical blood, Eric would not have been able to fuck shit up and let the vamps out of their cell blocks. Notice I give no credit to Bill as he did not have to feed them but simply let them out of the white room.

There were no guards left to push the button to let the sun in the white room, Sarah had to open it manually so there was plenty of time for them walk out of the room. Come to think of it why didn’t they just walk out? I digress for this was about Ben getting the Kudos he so deserves, I don’t care how 12 kinds of crazy he went. I mourn him for the great character he COULD have been if the writers knew their ass from a hole in the ground……speaking of…


The writers on this show always leave me wondering what they hell they do in the writing room. Do they compare notes and go back to earlier scripts to make sure they have continuity? Well, we already knew the answer to that which is a big fat NO! They always start off great but lose their way in the story they wanted to tell and it so frustrating. What could be a top rated damn good quality show gets turned into a joke every single time and I cannot take it anymore.

I am especially disappointed in Bucky who has written some of my favorite episodes of Friends. He has been involved with television shows for years and this is the shit we get. Jason has been raped and beaten and now he gets paired with a psycho vampire chick from hell. NO….JUST NO! Bill writes a book about being God, Sam is Mayor and Sookie is with Alcide. What Sci-Fi KOOL-AID DID YOU WRITERS DRINK?

We got no rhyme nor reason as to how these things happened. The finale was the Walking Dead, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the Stepford Wives all rolled into one! I am a Sci-fi junkie but even this was too much for me! Where are the citizens of Bon Temps and what did you do with them? Andy was the only one who appeared to be acting normal, all the rest of them had lost their damn minds!


and finally


‘We will see more of Eric than ever before’ as from an HBO Tweet and Bucky says ‘We might see a certain body part’! Bucky what do you take us women for? Do you honestly think we would love to see Alex’s wanker over good story-telling? Contrary to what you may see online, not every red-blooded woman out there prefers seeing a wanker to a good story. You must do better research because I am actually insulted. Not only for myself but for Alex as well.

Yes, I know he is Scandinavian and does not think twice about being naked and showing his wanker but he was still treated like a piece of meat for people to salivate over and also important is the fact that it took precedent over giving him a well deserved send off (even if he is not really dead).

You should have just left well enough alone with him flying off to parts unknown or how about not showing him burn at all in that manner. Eric was bad ass all season being the Viking that he is. For me,that scene with Eric on the mountain naked and burning in the sun would have been better had you not mass marketed the man’s penis! It leads me to believe you don’t think much of your audience.

Now two characters I liked are gone, one truly gone and the other (a major character at that) looks like he is gone and the last 30 minutes of the finale left me wondering who the hell these people were on my screen. This was the most disappointed I have been with this show and now I am faced with a question I may already know the answer to.

The question going forward is do I want to continue to watch a show that has little or no regard for a fans opinion? Do I want to watch a show that has a vampire (Bill) who was hell bent crazy off a fucking dead woman’s blood who writes a book about his latest fuck up (and gets to make money off of it) and no ones hates the fucker? Do I want to watch a show where Eric died (or may not have died) all alone on a Swedish mountain? Do I want to watch a show where Sookie is sleeping with a hairy wolf (without any lead up) and where Sam is Mayor(again with without any lead up)?

I am afraid the answer to that is no at this moment in time. At this point, even the pull of Eric and Alex cannot sway me! Sad but true story.


Sound off below and remember you will get as good as you gave!

What do you call the infected vamps? Any ideas! How about a poll?


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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13 Responses to The One Where We All Got Played

  1. motomary says:

    Did anyone else notice that when Sam did not fall at Sookie’s feet- she had the same expression (one of the few she had this season) that Bill had when he went up in flames?

    I too was offended by the assumption that the fans would prefer to see the beautiful body of the Skarsgard persuasion to the also beautiful acting of the Skarsgard persuasion. (both would be right, would be best) I was hoping when the Swedish scene opened it would be a *uck you to the whole situation back in Bon Temps. Unfortunately, it was a ‘I am *ucked’ instead. Not fair to the only character in the whole mess that was truly proactive and effective.
    Absolutely none of the time skip section of the episode felt real -Sookie w/ Alcide (of course, miss I am so independant, yet I also have to have a man in my life’) made a little sense, but dressing like Tara’s mother? I’m still a bit nauseous.

    Off to fanfic land I go for the cure


  2. I am so sad to be finally truly done & finished with this show, but the’ F’ you they gave us Eric fans turned me off forever. Also, Jason is now Violet’s bitch & nobody cares including Sookie?!? Unforgivable!


  3. anne johnston says:

    i don’t know what the writers were thinking either. they could’ve went a few ways… I kinda wanted to see sookie & ben together.. never thought for one minute he would hit her… or as you say for someone so powerful to be able to be killed off by bill. & like you said sam is mayor… didn’t like how they pulled niall back. or how merlottes is now bellflueurs again with no lead up. & when they said we’d see more of eric… ( full frontal wasn’t what I had in mind…) we want to see our badass Viking take charge… hoping like all of us truebies that pam is on the way.. for season 7 to save him.. & sookie & alcide? wthell is that… she was way hotter with ben… if the writers need ideas they should ask us truebies… don’t know what they got paid for with that finale… I was disappointed too.


  4. vicki says:

    I don’t think they have ever given Alex his due. This show has never treated him right and I know he is the only reason I have ever watched this show and Eric was the only reason I ever read all the books.


  5. Shandiii says:

    could not have said it better myself thankyou


  6. I feel the show went just the way Anna wanted it to go as far as Bill is concern people seem to forget that even if you, tune in to see Eric she is and always has been the star of the show. I mean the story it based around Sookie and always has been, she also is the exc producer of the show, and lets not forget Steve who plays Bill is her husband. Therefore Bill will always be forgiven for what ever crazy s–t he pulls, and will somehow wind up the hero at the end of the day.


  7. Melissa says:

    OMG! I seriously could not agree with you more. This show was such a disgrace. Especially for us faithful fans! I have never been so pissed off and disgusted with a show. EVER! Bill needs to be staked. End of story. This bullshit of him always being redeemed, is just that…. BULLSHIT! With all the build up Warlow ended up being a complete waste of any storylines. I kept waiting for someone to wake up and say “Oh shit. It was just a dream.” But, no! Out rolled the worst season finale ever! That crap they pulled with Eric is a complete slap in the face. If that was his end and that’s all we get… Even if it isn’t his end what ths hell was the point. This was the craziest most nonsensical episode ever! I’m flipping you a double bird HBO and the TB “writers.”


  8. Pam says:

    I know exactly what you mean. Warlow was touted as the new big bad, then left to wait endlessly in the cemefairy for Sookie to return. And if he was such a big badass why did he spare Jason? Twice? And Niell, and Andy? Why was he so easy to kill? So many questions that will not be answered. The writers totally wasted his character.

    They say they want to reduce the stories, yet bring in creepy Violet! They don’t kill off Sarah Newlin (which means we may have to suffer through more of her… blah) I don’t mind the Alcide Sookie hook-up, in fact I get it. He always cared for her, everyone else is gone, why not? However, the need for them to show Sookie panting after Bill…. come on..

    I found myself screaming at the TV to Tara, don’t do it, it’s a trap!!! Her crazy ass mother is most likely a hep v carrier. I don’t buy the ” I want to do what’s right for you” bull crap.

    And then there is Eric. If he is gone, what a crap way to kill him off. Alone on a mountain top, so no one knows what ever happened to him. Giving Eric a full naked shot to appease his fans? I’m all for naked Eric, but, so not important when they may be killing off his character. He deserved way more than that, if he indeed did meet the true death.

    Lafayette didn’t say one word during the entire episode. Arleen now owns Merlotts, Sam is Mayor? So basically the writers said we need to reboot this, lets just start it in the middle of everyone’s life, it was like watching a new show only you missed a few episodes and are coming in to it half way through the season.. Total fail for me on that.

    I will watch next season, Eric or no, but, the writers really need to step up and do a better job.


    • nymerias says:

      There will be a great review over at Eric and Sookie lovers as per usual. I just have not written anything here in a while. I don’t like Violet either, notice I mostly stayed away from her and the others. I only wanted to mention what things I thought messed the season up. I save that big stuff for ESL when it is my turn


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