Oh True Blood, Where Art Thou?

Since my friend(s) and fellow bloggers at Eric and Sookie Lovers will be doing a recap of last night’s episode, I won’t be doing the same here. I will, however state my opinion of why True Blood is failing to truly entertain the audience (the way it used to) in so many ways. I did not go into the season 5 premiere of True Blood with any expectations because the show has not lived up to its own standard of greatness. I watched it without any lack of enthusiasm that it would completely woo me and I was not disappointed in that area at all. Woo’ed I was not. I enjoyed certain parts of the episode but for the most part, I felt like nothing connected. It was one BIG HOT MESS! Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

We did not need the recap of what happened in the finale, we remember it all too clearly. After the recap, they continued on with the ending when Tara’s head was blown off and I found this extremely unnecessary as it took up too much time for the new season episode. True Blood needs to work harder to keep folks interested and this 5 or 10 minute recap did not help matters any. From start to finish, this episode seemed rushed and hurried as if they were trying to get it over with.

The first item of annoyance to me is the Bill and Eric ‘BROMANCE’ but not for the reasons that some of you might think. The reason Bill and Eric were so entertaining is because it works better when they are at each others throats and at odds. There is no way on Earth that these two would build a friendship that fast or even at all. They might agree to work together because they have no choice but they would still have the animosity and the ‘trying to one up each other’ thing going on. They might eventually end up with some semblance of respect for each other later on down the line, but it is a building process. With that being said, when I heard Eric say to Bill’ “I am not leaving you” I was left with a ‘WHAT THE HELL?’ feeling. The Eric I know would have ‘vamp sped’ out of there faster than you can say ‘I rescind my invitation’ and run off without him. He might not have gotten very far but this is the Eric we all know. That concludes reason number one why True Blood, in its current stupidity state is not working as well in the entertainment process.

The next item of annoyance is that of Eric and Nora which I had a problem in understanding the dynamic of their relationship (not the sex so much because two vampires natures and all). What is their history and where was the buildup to it? We know nothing, Jon Snow , Alan Ball!  There was a buildup to Eric and Pam to which we saw first-hand of their relationship and feelings for each other over time and we have yet to see their history together although this is coming soon but with Eric and Nora (who are vampire siblings through Godric) all we get is that ‘they fight like siblings, but fuck like champions’ shit. She would do anything for him and vice versa. My first problem with this is the fact of the way Eric was with Godric, you would think that she felt the same so where was she when he was looking for him? We should have met or heard something about her before in order for this relationship between them to ring true. My second problem with this is that he seemed to be closer to her than Pam and the Eric/Pam dynamic is one of the best things about the show. That concludes reason number two why True Blood season 5 is starting to suck (pun intended) even worse than the previous season(s).

Now, moving on to another item of annoyance which is that EVERYTHING, from start to finish moved way too fast and they did not give the viewer time to immerse themselves into the storyline(s) before carting them off to the next. Speaking of storyline(s), there were too many once again that has nothing to do with the main at all. Continuity is a major issue with this show and it bores me because they don’t seem to remember what they write in previous seasons. It is like ‘oh that little thing never mind, it is not important’. For instance, Sookie should have known that Russell was not dead seeing as she dragged him back in and Eric told her that he was not planning on killing him. So Sookie saying ‘he’s over 3000 years old, what were they thinking, keeping him alive?” was just the stupid writers making Sookie appear to be dumb and ignorant of everything around her.

She also thought that Bill killed him when he said “Russell is gone, I ended him, Eric and Pam as well. I intend to bring the True Death to all that know who you are and tasted you” These are the issues I have with the show and people get mad at me when I mention it. This is reason number three why True Blood cannot be redeemed because of the way they throw out anything concrete that had already been established previously. The True Blood audience should not be treated as if they do not know or remember things that have taken place in previous episodes. There is no logic, rhyme or reason to this show anymore and at this point, it is nothing but badly written porn. We shall see if that changes but I won’t be holding my breath. I will continue to watch but it will be with a heavy heart because this show used to have so much promise and it is nothing but a hot mess.

I won’t even mention the ‘spoiled Jessica’ moments except to say that she has gone stale and needs to meet the True Death, ASAP and STAT! Nor will I mention the were’s and Alcide and the stupid wolf pack shit. Nor will I mention Terry, Arlene, the kids and his crazy Army buddy. Nor will I mention Andy, Holly and her ragtag boys.

Oh True Blood, Where Art Thou because the show and characters that I know were not on my flat screen last night.


About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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10 Responses to Oh True Blood, Where Art Thou?

  1. peecan says:

    Perfect. Just perfect! AB should not have marketed to “smart” people, he needs Jersey Shore followers in order to continue this farce AND have someone watch it as if it was some great piece of work.


  2. Carissa says:

    I don’t know if the Eric/Bill Bromance bothers me as much as the idiocy of Sookie’s lines. Where, oh where, is the Sookie of Season 1? You remember her, right? She was tough, brave, smart, and independent. She thought things out to the fullest and came to shrewd, thoughtful conclusions. What happened to that Sookie?


    • nymerias says:

      I am afraid that she will only get worse, sad by mostly likely true! I miss that Sookie, I don’t and have not been able to cheer her on for a good while!


  3. Crzy4Eric says:

    This perfect post is perfect.


  4. Dark Phoenyx says:

    This is what I called the summer of discontent, (using as reference what George Harrison said while recording Let it be with the Beatles)…. After enjoying the Avengers movie so much, I remembered TB was about to begin, and again we will witness how St. Beehl will be the hero again and almost certain he will be reunited with his “soulmate” again. At this point, I’m only watching it for Alex


  5. luvvamps says:

    In my opinion the show has not been good since season one. You are right that it could have been it could have been on the same level as The Sopranos or Lost. However Ball choose to make it the Beehl show and turned it into his own fanfiction love story about about how Beehl and Sookie are fated.
    I came into this season with no expectations at all . Zero, none, nada, and it lived up to that for me. The Eric and Nora sex scene , I’m sure was threw in to take advantage of Askars popularity. With Beehl outside plotting (I’m sure) of how to tell Sookie that he (Eric) has moved on, and why she should come back to him ( Beehl). Which I am sure will happen by the end of the season. The only thing I’m looking forward to now is seeing Askars ass every chance I can. That might be childish of me, but it’s all I’ve got anymore. So I hope we get to see it a lot.
    As for the rest of the stupid plot lines not interested, especially a naked Andy, PLEASE. we so did not need to see that!!


    • nymerias says:

      Alex is the only GOOD thing about this show along with Kristin and Nelsan but that puts a heavy burden on them to save this show. Alex is a brilliant actor and the major reason I keep watching. He does have a nice ass but he has some mad acting skills!


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