A Discovery of a New Book Series

It was not that long ago that I was introduced to ‘A Discovery of Witches’ written by Deborah Harkness by a friend who recommended the book. I was looking for a new book to read and she delivered on the recommendation. I was told it was about witches, magic and vampires. Now, anyone who is my friend knows that this is right up my alley. I was already intrigued and was heading out to get the book.

I am now and there is no going back for me. I am hooked on the book and cannot wait to read and review the next book on the ‘All Souls Trilogy’ entitled ‘Shadow of Night’. I want to be taken back in time to the England of old and fall in love with Matthew and Diana all over again. I am literally getting goose bumps here. I might as well add to my goosebumps and our excitement by posting an excerpt from ‘Shadow of Night’ right here.

“My eyes adjusted to the dim light as I surveyed the room. A substantial bed, small table, narrow benches, and a single chair came into focus. Through the carved uprights supporting the bed’s canopy I spied a doorframe that connected this chamber to another room. Light spilled from it onto the coverlet and floor in a misshapen golden rectangle. The walls were covered with the linen-fold paneling that I remembered from the few times I’d visited Matthew’s home in present-dayWoodstock. Elaborately herringboned bricks lined the chimney, their outlines sharpened by the fire’s flames. They looked right, too. Such ornate brickwork would appeal to the stonemason Matthew had once been. Tipping my head back, I saw the ceiling – thickly plastered, coffered into squares, with a splashy red-and-white Tudor rose picked out in gilt in each recess.

‘The roses were obligatory when the house was built,’ Matthew commented drily. ‘I can’t stand them. We’ll paint them all white at the first opportunity.’

My gaze returned to my husband and I smiled with sudden excitement. ‘I really did it. I didn’t mess it up, or take us somewhere else likeMonticello, or—’

‘No,’ he said with an answering smile, ‘you did beautifully. Welcome to ElizabethanEngland. . .’”

*EXHALES* Well, now that was just a tease but it will hold me over until the book is released.I would like to thank my friend Joanne for leading me to the start of a fabulous book series.

*Thanks to Deborah Harkness and her Facebook page for the images*


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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these2 two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Game of Thrones, Supernatural,Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander, Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.
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